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Find out exactly what goes into a complete mold remediation project from start to finish. Miami mold inspection and assessments, 3rd party mold testing and mobile laboratory processing, mold removal/mold remediation, mold prevention information for tenants and renters, home owners, property owners, and property management companies throughout South Florida.

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What is Mold Remediation?

When you have mold in your house, or some other property, the process for removing the mold is called mold remediation, and there are companies that specialize in this process.

What causes mold in South FL?

Mold is caused by water, excess moisture, condensation, humidity, evaporation, and precipitation getting into spaces that should really stay dry. For example, mold is known to grow in:


Under carpet






You probably have seen mold in your bathroom before, but you might not have realized that it is mold. You should look around the side of the bathtub or shower and you can see the discolored sections. Some sections might be completely black. That is mold.

This mold has built up because there has been water around the side of the bath and it has not been cleaned. When paired with the heat in the bathroom, mold has started to develop and spread.

Can you remove mold yourself?

There is no written rule that says you cannot remove the mold yourself because it is so toxic, that a specialist has to do it. It is actually the other way around. Most environmental agencies will tell you that the homeowners can remove the mold themselves as long as the infected area is smaller than 3 square feet.

This is because mold is not really toxic, most of the time anyways… Not in the way it has been portrayed in the media anyway. There are toxic molds like Asbestos, that will need to be removed by a professional, but regular household mold is usually not one of them.

If you go back to the bath room, you can easily remove that mold yourself. You just have to wipe the area down with a mold remover and then reseal the bath tub or shower. That is it. However, as the bathroom will always be wet and hot, there will always be mold growing somewhere, unless you have proper ventilation installed.

Mold inspection and mold removal is a process which is as easy as A, B, C and you can do it by yourself, right? Wrong! This is a frequent experienced misconception which most homeowners have. When it comes to mold removal, it is advisable to leave it to the experts.

Choosing the best mold inspection companies is not an easy job these days due to the huge number of companies in the market that don’t have the necessary training and yet they are offering this service. Therefore, you might get a lot of complication and confusion when deciding which inspection company to hire. Mold inspection companies should have great experience and be competency in their work which is not the case with some companies.

Since mold inspection involves health and safety aspects of your home, you need to arrive at the right decision as the primary work of mold inspection companies is to identify the various parts of your house that are affected by the mold. All these aspects shows that you should go for an experienced, certified as well as licensed professional company who can give you the best results.

The most important part of mold inspection is conducting of visual search for mold, infrared scans, sampling and outdoor air quality testing, and the inspectors sends the mold samples to their lab for identification of the precise nature of the mold and types of mold. They analyze the result from the lab so that they can prepare a detailed report which include high quality recommendations on how to sanitize as well as disinfect all areas affected by mold.

Reliable home and mold inspection companies will provide you with a list containing the details of their existing clients. You can request the inspector to provide you with a clear estimate and make sure that the home inspection company you choose assigns you background checked employees. If a service company is not willing to provide you with all these information, move to the next company without hesitating. When you make effort to get a reliable, dedicated and skilled company, mold inspection becomes more realistic and it is good to choose an inspector who you are comfortable to work with.

Lastly, professional mold inspection companies will always interact with you in a cordial way and all unclear points will be clarified with a lot of responsibility. In addition, they will complete you job within the allocated time and thus be cost effective while giving you quality services. They can never leave any aspect to guesswork and all their conclusions will be based on pure facts.




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